Where Can I surrender My Dog? Find Out Here

May 16, 2021

This post is to answer the question of where can I surrender my dog. If you’re an owner of a dog you know how difficult it can be to have a dog.

Closing doors and windows, watching out for cars, keeping them away from the garbage and so many other things. (If you’re not an owner of a dog, sorry to burst your bubble. But, if you’re looking to get a dog, you should read this post, as it may help you with the things you need to help you with your dog.)

Reasons You May Need To Surrender Your Dog

It is always preferable to have a dog for life as changes in marital status can be very traumatic. Dogs are deeply connected to their families and can become depressed, desperate, or a variety of behavioral problems in response to such problems.

However, it is not always possible to have a pet. Sometimes the universe just throws a curve ball at you, forcing you to do things you never thought you should. We have a comprehensive guide to help you decide if it’s time to re-house your pet. Some of the most common reasons people have to give up a dog are:

  • A change in family composition, such as who who normally looks after the dog can go to school, or a new person who is uncomfortable with a dog can join the family.
  • A change in the life situation. For example, you may be forced to move to a place that doesn’t allow pets, or the owner may decide that they no longer want their dog to live in the house.
  • The dog can have intractable behavior problems such as aggression.
  • One or more people in the household can develop allergies to pets.
  • You can suffer an injury or illness that prevents you from properly caring for your dog.

Can I Find Out What Happens To My Pet After It’s Surrendered To AHS?

Yes. When you contact AHS, we’ll let you know if your pet has been adopted or placed with a rescue partner. However, we do not share any contact information or details of the adoptive person about the rescue partner your pet was transferred to.

Last year more than 94 percent of the animals we looked after were housed in homes, reunited with their owners or given to other animal welfare organizations. AHS has not euthanized a healthy animal for any reason since 2011, and there is no time limit on the animals we care for.

Animals deemed untreatable or unhealthy may not be candidates for adoption, and in some cases humane euthanasia may be considered. If we find that your pet cannot be made healthy or placeable and euthanasia is the most humane option, you can claim your pet.


  1. Spay / Neutral Pets – so they can’t mate and breed and the pet owner / rescuer doesn’t have more pets than can be responsibly looked after. This also prevents unwanted litters from giving away / giving up or “donating” or the reason why the rescued animal cannot be looked after because their own bitch is pregnant. Spaying / neutering also eliminates behavioral changes caused by hormones. (S / N can be done by your trusted licensed veterinarian or an inexpensive PAWS clinic.)
  2. Provide sufficient exercise, schooling and socialization – for a well-balanced and well-mannered pet
  3. Make sure the pet has up-to-date vaccinations, especially against rabies and viral diseases (i.e. 5-in-1 vaccination).
  4. Take training with your pet to improve their behavior.
  5. Plan ahead and make arrangements in advance (i.e., before buying a new home or apartment, or moving to a new location), inquire about pet guidelines and look for a new home months in advance to find your pet homes loving and responsible).
  6. Do your best and take responsibility for making sure your pet finds a loving new home by asking friends, family, counterparts, schoolmates, churchmates, etc. Post your own adoption application on your own Facebook page or on your online blog

Are There Shelters or Organizations That Can Help with Surrendering Dogs?

Yes, there are shelters and organizations that can help with surrendering dogs. They provide safe dog fight solutions and ensure that the dogs find loving homes. These organizations prioritize the well-being and safety of the animals, and they offer support and resources to those who need to surrender their pets.

How To Surrender A Dog?

The first step is to call the organization to let them know that you want to hand your dog over. In some cases, they will ask you multiple questions about the dog and your reasons for extradition if the facility does not. In response, you can take the animal to the shelter or rescue it.

As more animal welfare organizations learn the importance of keeping dogs in their homes, they may offer or suggest speaking to someone who can help you resolve the issues causing you to want to hand over the dog. They can provide advice on animal training, child care, financial assistance, and other topics. You can also check out our guide of dog tips if you want to learn more about how.

Once the delivery decision is final and the shelter has agreed to bring the pet, take the dog to the facility, pay a fee, and deliver the pet to the organization.

Go, the fate of the pet is out of your hands. Unfortunately, many healthy pets are at risk of euthanasia after childbirth. Some fear the animal shelter environment, which can cause a normally trained dog to behave aggressively out of fear. Such behavior reduces the likelihood that the dog will be adopted. Happy dogs will find new homes, but you will have no opinion about the type of family your pet can adopt.

Other Options 

If there is no way to keep your dog, there are other ways besides surrender that will give your pet a better chance of a positive outcome.

Find a Rescue Group 

A rescue differs from a shelter like a municipal kennel in that they are privately run groups that give dogs the time they need to find their home forever. Hence, finding a rescue that will accommodate your pet can be difficult, but it is something worth trying.

Rehome the Dog Yourself 

When you’re ready to take the time to find a new home for your pet, this is usually the ideal option. When following this route it is extremely important to:

  • Think twice before gifting your dog on sites like Craigslist or Facebook Pages. There are people who search these websites for pets to sell in a lab, use for dog fights, or other bad things. Applicants if you choose this path.
  • DO NOT “release” your dog to a good home (they always charge a moving fee).
  • DO NOT give your dog to a family without checking references and further investigation.

The process of properly housing your dog can seem overwhelming, but there are resources out there to make it easier and to ensure that your dog is safe, happy, and loved in their new home. Rehome is a great resource – from tips on screening users to creating a profile that your pet will become aware of. Rehome is a great resource.

Surrender or readmission of a dog should be a last resort, but sometimes even loving pet owners have no choice. In your situation, you should take the necessary steps to find your pet the perfect home, so that they know that you have done everything possible for them.

Surrender Request

If you are considering surrendering your pet, our staff will work with you to help you navigate this difficult process. Please fill out the appropriate form below to submit your surrender request.

A member of our intake team will contact you within 96 hours regarding setting up an evaluation.

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