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When Do Cats Stop Growing? How Long Do They Grow For?

April 11, 2018

What Is The Growth Span Of Feline?

Want to find out when your adorable little fuzz ball grows up into a fully mature adult cat? Read on to find out!

When Do Kittens Stop Growing?

The age your kitten stops growing depends on the breed, but there are general life stages a cat goes through which can be used as an indication of when they have matured into adulthood.

Life Stages

0-6 Months:  Kitten

7 months to 3 years: Junior (child)

3-6 years: Prime of their life (i.e. young adult)

7 – 10 years:  Mature (adult)

11 – 14 years: Senior (older adult)

15+ years: Old age

These stages vary depending on the life expectancy of individual breeds, but it’s a good indication of where your cat is in life and what kind of behaviour you can expect.

To find out when your kitten is likely to stop growing, however, we need to think about how long a cat takes to grow into their full size.

When Will My Cat Become Fully Grown

Cats grow at different rates depending on the breed. It can be especially hard to tell how long a mixed cat will tend to grow because you don’t know which breed will be dominant (or even which breeds they are!).

If you have a purebred cat then you can tell when they will become fully grown by comparing their current measurements with their specific breeds growth chart.

When the cat has reached 6 months (24 weeks) they should be half to three-quarters the way to full growth.

Some cats will continue to grow past the first year mark, but others may continue to grow until they are 18 months old and some big breeds may keep growing until they are five years old.


A new born kitten is incredibly light and can be balanced in the palm of your hand, but as they get older their weight should increase between 7 – 14 grams (0.25-0.5 ounces) every day during the first year of their life.

  • When a kitten is 12 weeks old, they should weigh around 2- 4 pounds.
  • When a kitten is 16 weeks old, they should weigh around 4 -5 pounds.
  • When they are 24 weeks old, they should weigh around 6 – 8 pounds.

Large Cat Breeds

Most cats stop growing when they’re around a year and a half old, but some cats keep going for years.

The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon breed can grow up to 16 inches in height and 48 inches in length, they may weigh up to 25 pounds, and it takes them 4 to 5 years to stop growing!

Savannah Cats

Savannah cats are half wild cat and half domestic cat, so they tend to grow a little bigger than your average housecat.

These felines can grow up to 25 inches in length, 19 inches in height, they can weigh up to 20 pounds and it could take them 3 years to stop growing.

Ragdoll Cats

These beautiful cats have blue eyes, silky coats and a loving temperament. They can grow up to 11 inches in height and 26 inches in weight, they can weigh up to 20 pounds and it could take them 4 years to stop growing!

When Do Cats Stop Growing?

Some cats are fully grown in a year, but others could keep growing until they are 5 years old. It all depends on your cats breed, so if you have a purebred kitty take a look at their breeds growth chart and see how your cat measures up.

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