Why Labradors Are The Best? 10 Reasons Why Labradors Are The Best Dogs

April 30, 2021

Labradors are incredibly popular dogs, and with good reason—they’re sweet, trainable, loyal, and love being with their people.

But are they the smartest dogs?

People who are looking for a dog that is easy to train or that is good with children usually pick a lab, so there are plenty of lab owners who will tell you that their dogs are the smartest dogs you’ll ever meet. But are they really?

There are a lot of reasons why Labrador Retrievers, and specifically black Labs, are considered to be some of the smartest dogs.

How smart are Labrador retrievers?

Labrador retrievers have a very high ability to learn, and that is why these are very idle for Search and rescue, detection, and therapy work.

They belong to a very intelligent breed, after research among all the breeds, they come on rank number 7.

The Labrador is the most famous breed of dogs in various Nations, as these breed of dogs have a high ability to smell.

The Breed of Labrador Retriever is very prominent for their loyalty and obedience.

These breed of dogs are very friendly in nature, social and energetic dogs as they have a lot of idle qualities.

This breed of dogs is excellent because they have brilliant features and qualities. That is why most families want to adopt Labrador retriever’s breed of dog.

These are very smart because these breed of dogs have a very high ability to adapt to the environment and situations; with the help of their Intelligence, they solve the situation very fastly.

These days Labrador dogs are not only faithful towards his or her master, but they are very intelligent, brilliant, and wonderful in all the other aspects.

Intelligence Level Of Labrador

Intelligent, friendly, and eager to please, Labrador retrievers have a long history of helping humans, and humans love them for it.

According to the American Kennel Club, as of 2014, Labs are the most popular breed in the United States, and their combination of brains and a pleasant demeanor are to thank.

Their intelligence is no accident, though – it’s partially the result of a long tradition of hard work and training.

Born to Fetch

Labs are intelligent by design.

they have long been bred and trained to be obedient, practical animals.

Originally from Newfoundland, these dogs were used by fishermen to retrieve nets, and later they were used for retrieving game like geese for hunters – hence the name.

Years of consistent use as companions for fishermen and hunters honed the Lab’s intelligence, and these dogs are generally hardwired for obedience and learning tasks.

Intelligence Ranking

According to psychology professor and dog intelligence expert Stanley Coren, Labs rank among the 10 most intelligent breeds of dog on the planet.

Coren measures breed intelligence based on obedience and working intelligence and ranks Labs as the seventh-highest breed on the canine intelligence scale.

Because these sporting dogs are so enthusiastic and respond so well to training, they are ranked alongside German shepherds, golden retrievers, and border collies as some of the smartest dogs living today.

More Than Brains

Intelligence is only worth so much in a stubborn dog.

Labs combine cognitive ability with the eagerness to please humans and an innate friendliness, making them not just smart, but willing to demonstrate that intelligence.

Along with their intelligence, their natural enthusiasm and obedience make them a highly trainable and trustworthy breed, and one that can be relied upon to learn and obey commands.

Using Their Intelligence

Because Labs are so intelligent and even-tempered, they’re frequently used as service animals — in fact, most service dogs are either Labs or golden retrievers.

Their long history of retrieving games has given Labs strong bodies and finely tuned senses, and their unique combination of intelligence, loyalty, sociability, and enthusiasm makes them the ideal candidate for a service animal position.

For these same reasons, they are also frequently used as search-and-rescue dogs.

How the Labradors performed?

The Labrador retriever performs their work very well. That is why they found in the list of top 10 smartest dogs and perform the seventh-best dog breed.

These are a very intelligent and independent breed of dogs as Labradors having very high Intelligence and able to learn a new command in no time.

They will learn your commands in almost five repetitions. You can easily learn new commands and tricks.

On the other hand, this breed of dogs is the most obedient and wonderful breed of dogs in the world.

If you gave them a known command, then these dogs will able to do your command in the first attempt at a better and successful rate.

These have a very high ability to learn new things and specially used for detection and rescue work.

Features of Labrador breed


  • Adjusts Well To Apartment Living 
  • Useful For Novice Owners 
  • Affectability Level 
  • Endures Being Alone 
  • Endures Cold Weather 
  • Endures Hot Weather 

All around Friendliness 

  • Warm With Family 
  • Unfathomably Kid Friendly Dogs 
  • Canine Friendly 
  • Well disposed Toward Strangers 

Wellbeing and Grooming Needs 

  • Measure of Shedding 
  • Slobbering Potential 
  • Simple to Groom 
  • General Health 
  • Potential for Weight Gain 
  • Size 


  • Simple To Train 
  • Knowledge 
  • Potential For Mouthiness 
  • Prey Drive 
  • Inclination To Bark Or Howl 
  • Hunger for new experiences Potential 

Physical Needs 

  • Vitality Level 
  • Force 
  • Exercise Needs 
  • Potential for Playfulness

10 Reasons Why Labradors are the Greatest Dogs

Best cuddlers ever
The Labrador is an affectionate, people-oriented breed, so it’s no wonder that these dogs make the best cuddle buddies on the planet. They are known to curl up in your lap like a lap dog (only six times the size!) and nuzzle up with their adorably cute faces.

At the end of a long day, nothing is better than a delightful, soul-soothing cuddle with your Labrador. It’s as good as a therapy session and much cheaper!

Contagious energy
The Labrador is one of the most high-energy dog breeds in the world.

Some might see this as a negative. For a Lab lover, however, this is one of the breed’s many positive attributes.Red Bull? Coffee? Nah, just spend 15 minutes with a Labrador and you’ll get an instant energy burst.

They bound around with a zest and passion that is second to none, and this cheerful, invigorated approach to life is downright contagious. You can’t help but feel happy and alive when you’re with a Lab!

Exercise buddy
Speaking of energy, those Labs need lots of exercise. Long walks, trips to the dog park, play sessions in the backyard, you name it.

And their need for exercise doesn’t cease for inclement weather – he needs play time rain or shine! The good news: You will get lots and lots of exercise yourself. No excuses either. Rain, snow, wind, whatever, your dog still needs to expend that energy.

As a result, you’ll get more fit than you imagined, without the grind. We’ve known people who dropped 15 pounds without trying during their first year with a Lab.

Thirty monotonous minutes on the treadmill or a hike on the trail with your lovable Lab? No contest which one is more enjoyable.

A need to please
Labradors originated on the island of Newfoundland and served as companions to the local fisherman, working alongside them all day to retrieve fish and tow-in lines.

At the end of a long day, they would go home with the fisherman and were treated as a member of the family.

With this history, it’s no wonder why Labradors love to please and impress their masters. The breed is obedient and loyal – what more could you ask for?

fast learners
Combine the Labrador’s obedient nature with their sharp intelligence and curiosity, and you’ve got the recipe for a dog who likes to learn.

As such, they take well to obedience training, which is a must considering their unbridled energy level. Whether you work with a trainer or do it yourself, your Lab is ready and eager to learn. Just make sure you have a handful of treats ready as a reward!

The greatest goofballs
In addition to all the great qualities we noted before, the Labrador has a hilarious sense of humor.

They are funny, silly, goofy bundles of fur that will make you laugh each and every day. The Labrador doesn’t take life too seriously, which means you shouldn’t either.

A dog’s dog
The Labrador is the ultimate dog’s dog. With his even-keeled temperament, he gets along with all sorts of dogs: high-energy breeds who love to play; small dogs who can’t stop yipping; crabby canines who don’t have patience; and about every other dog you can imagine.

When you take your Lab on a walk or to the dog park, there’s no doubt he’ll get along great with any dog he encounters.

Low grooming maintenance
For grooming, all the Lab needs are the occasional bath and brushing.

That’s it. Their coat is short and dense and sheds on its own. No need for haircuts. No irksome hairballs. No tangles. No icky eyeball stains. Easy peasy.

Best family dog
Labradors are fantastic family dogs. Their chill temperament makes them great with other pets and children.

They also love being part of a pack and thrive on being a member of the family. In fact, they have a keen instinct to protect and take care of their people. Obedient and adaptable, the Lab is perfect for an active family.

Last but certainly not least, the Lab is one of the most lovable creatures you’ll ever meet in your life. This breed will love you unconditionally! They can sense your feelings and lend a loving, supportive paw when you need it.

If you want a kind-hearted, lovable companion who will be there for you through thick and thin, the Lab is the right dog for you.

Though there are many reasons for choosing a Lab, this article touched on many important factors that new dog owners look for in a companion. Labs are: great family dogs; very intelligent animals; easily groomed and have great hygiene; excellent hunting companions; dependable service dogs; healthy and happy dogs; great exercise companions; and always friendly to everyone.

No matter your specific needs and concerns when choosing a dog, rest assured that Labrador Retrievers will not disappoint you, and will remain dependable companions throughout their entire lives.

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