How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have? Check This Article To Find Out..

April 18, 2018

How Many Nipples Do Dogs Have

Ever wondered how many nipples dogs have? Read on to find out!

Do All Dogs Have The Same Number Of Nipples?

You might assume that all dogs would have the same number of nipples, but that’s incorrect. Larger dogs normally have ten nipples while smaller dogs have eight nipples, but some dogs have as little as six teats and some have as many as twelve!

Larger dogs have more space to fit more nipples, and it’s an evolutionary advantage to have extra teats so the dog can feed more puppies, so having more than eight-ten nipples is nothing to worry about.

While many dogs have an even number of nipples, some dogs could have seven, nine or eleven nipples.  You may be worried if you discover your dog has an odd number of nipples, but it’s not a health issue and shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to nursing puppies.

Why Do Male Dogs Grow Nipples?

Male dogs have nipples and, just like in humans, they serve no function.  The nipples are developed early on in the womb. As they don’t’ cause any harm, there is no evolutionary reason to do away with them.

Where Are Dog Nipples Located?

Your dog’s teats are evenly placed on either side of the chest from the trunk right down to the groin.

Does The Amount Of Nipples A Dog Has Predict Their Litter Size?

While a lot of people believe that you can tell how many puppies a female dog will have by counting her nipples and dividing them by two, in reality there only seems to be a weak correlation between number of nipples and number of puppies.

Some mothers will have more puppies than she has nipples to feed, which will result in some puppies becoming under-nourished.  These puppies are typically hand-reared until they are strong enough to fend for themselves.

The only way you can know for sure how many puppies your dog is going to have is by taking her to the vet.

Nipple Problems

If your dog’s nipples are changing size or if you notice pus or blood coming out of them, you should take them to the vet to determine the cause.


Dogs can have as little as six and as many as twelve nipples depending on their size. Larger dogs have more space to grow more nipples, so it makes sense larger breeds would have more teats.

You can’t predict how many puppies a mother will have by counting her nipples, but if she has more puppies than nipples you will need to hand rear the baby dogs that can’t get near the milk.

It doesn’t really matter if a dog has an even or odd number of teats as they still serve the same function, but if you notice any unusual discharge coming out of the nipples it’s time to take your canine to the vet.

Male dogs have nipples just like male humans do and, although they don’t serve a biological purpose, they don’t cause any harm.

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