Can You Use Human Shampoo On Dogs? Is It Possible?

It would be convenient if you could use your own shampoo on your canine companion, but is human shampoo damaging to dog fur? Read on to find out!

Should I Wash My Dog With Shampoo?

No one wants their dog to be dirty, but is a full blown bath really necessary? It depends on how much time the dog spends outside.

If your dog spends most of their time inside, you won’t need to bath them as often as a dog who spend all day rolling around in the mud.

While a quick hose down can get rid of mud, dirt and other messes your dog has picked up outside, only shampoo will give their coat a deep, thorough clean.

How Often Should I Wash My Dog?

Dog’s don’t need to bathe as often as humans do. Some dogs can get by with a shampoo bath every few months and more regular hose downs with regular water.

Some dogs may get smelly far quicker than others. If your dog is smelly, you may want to give them a bath once a month or once a fortnight.

Unless recommended by your vet, you shouldn’t wash your dog more than once a week.

Can You Wash Dogs With Human Shampoo?

No, you can’t use human shampoo on dogs. Both humans and dogs have a light acidic layer (also known as the pH balance) covering the skin and protecting it from bacteria and viruses.

When we use soap and shampoo, we wash this protective layer way.

The negative effects of removing this protective layer are minimised in humans because most shampoo contains moisturizers which replace the layer until it replenishes itself.

However, dogs skin doesn’t work like that. Dogs have natural oils in their coat which helps make it healthy and shiny.

Human shampoo will strip these oils off your dog’s coat, which makes them susceptible to bacteria and parasites.

While the negative effects of human shampoo may not become obvious straight away, over time it will cause dehydration and lead to skin damage.

Human shampoo is full of chemicals and added fragrances. While they are harmless to many humans, they don’t mesh well with a dog’s coat and will end up damaging their fur.


Dog Shampoo

Instead of using human shampoo on your dog’s fur, invest in some dog-specific shampoo. Shampoo that is made for dogs will still clean their fur and leave the dog smelling fresh as a daisy, but it won’t disrupt their natural oils or harm their sensitive skin.

Make sure you look out for chemicals, artificial fragrances and colours as they can irritate your dog’s skin. Natural ingredients like aloe vera, tea-tree oil, vitamin E, eucalyptus, and chamomile are a good choice because they are natural skin moisturisers and contain soothing properties.

Dog shampoo lasts a lot longer than human shampoo because you use it less. One bottle of dog shampoo won’t cost much more than regular shampoo and it may well last for over a year!



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